Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Art Lesson

Gave my first art lesson this weekend, to these three budding little artists (aged 4, 7 & 11).
We had so much fun! And I was just so impressed by both their attitude and skill.

Stage 1 - Abstract Art


The youngest splashed her paint on, no inhibitions at all and created a masterpiece in no time. 
The two older girls were initially a little hesitant to put the first mark on the blank canvas, 
but as you can see soon embraced the freedom of abstract painting and had a ball.


Here are the artworks drying out in the sun.
I was so impressed!

But we weren't finished yet! 

Stage 2 - Line drawing and wording

During drying time the girls each drafted up their own layout including images and wording. 
I just loved how they each had their own clear ideas about what they wanted to create and the 
quotes they came up with were surprisingly insightful.

Once the canvas was dry they drew their designs on with a black sharpie and added some 
highlights in with a white paint pen.

And Voila! Finished!
They were so proud of themselves... Just look at those shining, smiling faces as proof.
And of course I was super proud of them also.

Happy girls and their masterpieces.

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