Monday, 29 October 2012

Kids Craft Projects

Like most little girls my daughter just loves fairies and so we decided
 to make a little fairy gardenAs you can tell by her face 
she had a ball and was so proud of the end result. 

It was easy and most of the things we used we already had lying around at home. 

Here's how we did it:
We made use of an old goldfish bowl we had already, though of course you could use any clear container/cannister. 
1. First we poured in a layer of white pebbles
2. Then a layer of sand and shells
3. Followed by a layer of potting mix
4. We then sprinkled on a whole lot of large glitter flakes for that extra special fairy sparkle. 
5. We planted a couple of small succulents for the fairies to enjoy. 
6. We were planning on making a little house out of clay, but we found a little wooden one at our local craft shop which was just perfect. Scarlet had a lot of fun painting it. 
7. We also made a couple of little 'Welcome Fairies' flags, simply by cutting out some love heart shapes from some pink glittery paper and gluing onto a wooden skewer.

Give it a try yourself : )

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